• Sunday 24th October 2021

Portsmouth Accessible Information Website

click to viewNEWS FLASH ... In 2015 NHS England launched the new Accessible Information Standard. Solent NHS Trust has produced an awareness DVD to help people understand what is needed to support people with communication and information needs.

Click on the link https://www.solent.nhs.uk/AI 


Welcome to the Portsmouth Accessible Information Website! Accessible information is all about making information easier to understand. The idea of this website is to help everyone to make and use accessible information for people with learning disabilities.

We have tried to think of everyone’s needs. On this website you can get the information in lots of different ways. So, if you find reading difficult a voice will read the information aloud.

We have put information into 5 different sections. If you are new to accessible information start at the top and work your way down. Most of the sections are easy for everyone to use, although the information in the 'Things you need' section is a bit harder.